Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Matthew, Allison & Rylee

Some images from a beautiful Sunday afternoon! These three were great! I have been taking Matthew's pictures off and on for over a year! He's a pro. He knows when to smile and when not to! He also wanted to make sure I got his new shoes in the picture!

Matthew's sister, Allison (the blonde) is just as aware of the camera as he is! Rylee is their second cousin and she was soooo easy!

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


You know the saying...."Kids are smarter than you think?" Well, in this case it's really true! Alex was a challenge! He knew that I was trying to take his picture, so......he would not turn his face towards the camera!! He did a couple of times, but the little toot had his back towards me the whole time!!!! Oh well, we got some good shots anyways...even if they were all of his back!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The DeSiata Family

I've been friends with Kellie for a few years now. Her husband John has been in Iraq for a couple of years off and on for work. She called me one day to let me know that he was going to go back again and wanted family portraits taken before he left. He found out what day he was leaving a week before the date, so I had to be ready.

These shots were taken the day before he left.


I had the pleasure of working with the adorable Karington in her equally adorable pink tutu! What a doll! The weather was perfect and so was Karington!

Karington's mother, Natalie, and I went to school together....kindergarten through high school. We have not seen each other since high school, so this was a nice way to get together.

First blog!!!

Hey all! I'm super excited to be finally blogging! Since I don't have a website yet, this is a great way to showcase my work!

I've been doing photography for about 12 years now. I've worked mainly with children and families and have had so many different experiences that have brought me to this point. I've done a lot of studio work, but prefer the more natural outdoor type of setting. I love capturing the "realness" of my subject.

This is a picture of me and my best subject....my daughter, Maya.