Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost 2


I CANNOT believe my baby is almost 2! I still remember when I used to hold her in my arms and feed her from a she will barely let me hold her for 2 seconds! Sometimes I wish she was still drinking from a bottle just so I can hold her.

I have two friends who are having babies within the next few months. My advice to them....cherish, love, enjoy, and try to remember every moment you have with your the cliche' saying goes by so fast! UGH! I used to hate it when everybody told me that two years ago! Now here I am passing the same advice on! Let me give MY own advice.....take LOTS and LOTS of pictures! Document everything because that is all you will have besides your memory. And if your memory is like mine, then you will be searching deep within to try to remember her the way she WAS...




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Bobby Earle said...

Look at those eyes! Beautiful :)