Friday, July 10, 2009

My girl, My dress


I always knew my mom saved this dress that belonged to me when I was 2. It was kind of odd to see a dress that belonged to me, especially seeing how small I was! I have pictures of me in the dress too and loved looking at them!

When my daughter was born my mom brought the dress back out from a box that had been up in her closet. I was so excited to know that she too was going to be able to wear my dress, but in my mind I was thinking it was going to take forever before I actually saw her in it! I never knew that 2 years would fly by so quickly.

Here she is in her mother's retro polyester green dress!! Don't you just love it?






Elena said...

the third one is my favorite...what a great dress! It fits her perfectly!

Liza Patel said...

I love the dress, the daughter and the mother !!!!! Its amazing to see that your daughter is wearing your dress !!!