Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paul: Friendswood, TX Senior Portrait Photographer


Paul is all grown up! I've known him since he was a toddler, so seeing him this way makes me feel really old! I remember him being a very active kid-jumping, climbing, bouncing and staying up all night long! He has changed since those days but one thing that has remained the same is his smile :). Not very many people smile with their eyes, but Paul does, without even knowing it! It's the same smile he had as a young boy and the one that I tried to capture in these images...

IMG_7424 copy

IMG_7446 copy

IMG_7458 copy

There's that smile!
IMG_7491 copy

IMG_7499 copy

IMG_7522 copy

IMG_7529 copy

IMG_7591 copy

IMG_7600 copy

IMG_7604 copy

IMG_7633 copy

IMG_7670 copy

IMG_7688 copy


Jan said...

The pics are really good.....

Sue said...

These are great shots. What a good looking young man!!