Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Sokol Family

Please excuse me....I haven't blogged in a while! Since today is New Years Eve, I think I will make a resolution to blog atleast every week...or maybe every other week! No...I'll try every week! But does anybody even look at my blog?

Here are images from a session I did sometime ago. Enjoy!

Resize Wizard-13

Resize Wizard-12

Resize Wizard-11

Resize Wizard-10

Resize Wizard-9

Resize Wizard-8

Resize Wizard-7

Resize Wizard-5

Resize Wizard-4

Resize Wizard-3

Resize Wizard-2

Resize Wizard-1

Resize Wizard-1 copy

1 comment:

Sapna said...

wow, ben! these are some great pictures! all of these kids are so cute!
and yes, every now and then i check out your blog because i love your pictures and i like knowing what you and maya are up to while im in austin! so keep posting please!