Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Demmon Family

Yeah! Two posts in one day!! I'm on a roll...

This was a great session with a fun family! I love just caputuring families where they feel the most comfortable....their homes! It really does make a difference in how people interact with one another. If they are comfortable with their surroundings it show in the final images and I think the Demmon's are proof of this.

Resize Wizard-18

Resize Wizard-17

Resize Wizard-15

Resize Wizard-14

Resize Wizard-16

Resize Wizard-13

Resize Wizard-12

Resize Wizard-11

Resize Wizard-10

Resize Wizard-9

Resize Wizard-8

Resize Wizard-7

Resize Wizard-6
Resize Wizard-5

Resize Wizard-4

Resize Wizard-1

Resize Wizard-3

Resize Wizard-2

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